Monday, 30 May 2016

Week 22 ... The week that was

Getting back into a routine

Well, a routine that started with a long weekend at the little house.  We were lucky too as the weather wasn't too bad, and only rained over night and on the day we left.

So here is a little glimpse at my week
When we got home, it was time to start putting the house back in order. I painted the new plate rack that we got off Etsy; Simon spoilt me (again) with getting some new china from Emma Bridgewater when he passed their shop on a way back from a meeting.  The bears enjoyed some sunshine; I got back into my decluttering, and decided not to keep putting all the handbags back that I don't use. I did do a very large drop off at the charity shop too, with things found when clearing out the dresser.  I also had a lovely evening out, which I forgot to photograph with a few of my neighbours. It was so much fun, and we're calling ourselves ... The WOW's ... Women of Walsingham (that's the name of our road) lol.  Finally, we had our last roast dinner cooked on my old oven. The Aga gets fitted on Thursday and Friday of this week, so I'll make sure to take photos.

Its a bank holiday here today, and we're all having a really lazy day, and I'm even hoping to do a little project life catch up.  I'm so behind its crazy.

Have a lovely week friends, and thank you all for the lovely kind comments about my dresser. xxx

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Dresser Makeover

As you know, I'm a real homebody, and something I've always wanted was a kitchen dresser, you know somewhere to display all those collectables that we all seem to have.  I did look around to see if I could find one to replace the fitted unit we had, but nothing seemed quite right, or had as much storage as we needed.

So luckily for me, I'm married to a very very clever chap and Simon said that he thought he could change it into a dresser .... and boy, did he do that!

I'm honestly, so in love with it. 
So let me take you through how we came to this.

This was it originally, nothing wrong with it, in fact it did used to have doors on it, but we removed those long ago.  As I said, nothing wrong with it, but we wanted to lighten up the kitchen and bring it more up to date.

So first doors and handles all came off to make painting easier, and then cupboards were removed from the wall so that Simon could add the tongue and grove. 
It had to be bear proofed, while the painting was happening, and the dining room, became my painting room
I was watched over by my boy, to make sure it was up to his standards
We also changed the worktop

and the handles 
And voila ... there you have it. We chose to paint it in a different shade to the rest of the kitchen as it really is more a stand alone piece and as you can imagine, I've over the moon with it.  

I'll be back with another post to show you the rest of the kitchen too ... and the exciting bit is next week, when the aga gets installed. I can't wait. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Week 21 ... The week that was

Filled with happy memories

It would have been Dad's birthday on the 18th, and something we always did on both his and Mum's birthday's was to have a Chinese takeaway, it was their favourite. I can almost visualise us sitting down at their table, and Mum saying we'd ordered too much and we'd have to take some home with us lol.
So what did the rest of the week hold?  The sewing bee started ... oh I love that show. Simon and I have already picked who we thought would win. Only, Simon's choice went out in the first episode.

The plate rack finally turned up, but sadly, isn't painted very well, so I need to paint it again. On the plus side, we found the paint that we'd used for the wall in the garage, and its still good condition, so I think will be fine to cover up where the old unit was.

On our way to the little house, we called into the most amazing place called, Weathered and Worn, and had a little browse while having some lunch. I also got the most amazing surprise as someone I chat with on Instagram was sitting at a table having lunch when we walked in. Oh it was just perfect.

Then a lovely lovely long weekend was spent at the little house, and we've decided to have a good sort out of all the things I've stored there, that belonged to Mum & Dad, and we'll phone a charity and ask them to come and get most of the bits. I think I'm finally in a place where I can let these bits go.  I also decided to tackle the mess that is supposed to be a craft room.

There you have it.  A lovely week was had, we all love spending time at the little house, it really feels like you're on a little holiday.

I've also been having a little think about this blog, and I've realised I'm really only showing you these weekly round up's so, I'm hoping to change that, and maybe I should share with you more of the things I've been doing in and around our home.    So I apologies now if I go a little off topic from time to time, as I need to have a little play around with my blog and see what works and what doesn't.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Week 20 ... the week that was

when it started coming together.

Well, that's how I felt.  After weeks of living around boxes and dismantled kitchen units, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
So lets see, painting obviously.  A new waterproof mat (again for obvious reasons). An after Pilates cake with Maria, a couple of new books to help me get organised and clutter free.  A lovely chill out morning in nice weather, with Molly.  The dresser back in place, and finally, a lovely evening with Colin and Maria when they came over for dinner.

All in all, a lovely time.  I hope this week is kind to you all xx

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Goodbye April ... Hello May

What a lovely month April was.  Painting on the kitchen, an Aga demonstration, and then actually buying an Aga.  Meeting up with Jo, Deborah, Maria and I even met a new friend (I hadn't asked if I could use her photo on my blog, so that's why the 14th is empty). We spent a lovely weekend at the little house, and the weather was so so good to us.  Sadly, my sink tap broke, but lucky for me, Simon fixed it.  Simon had a Livery dinner, and then we went to Brighton for the Terrier Walk! ... See, I said it was a fabulous month.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Week 19 ... The week that was

Sunny and full of workmen!
Yay, the weather was really kind to us, this week.

So the week started with no hot water, and after two visits from British Gas, we finally had it fixed on Wednesday.  Then our internet went down, so another couple of visits by BT by Friday, we were up and working.

Bertie had a visit to the vets for more ear drops and Molly also had a emergency visit as she started choking on something from the garden. As with all these things, as soon as we set foot in the doorway of the vets, she stopped and was fine. Painting is still ongoing here and the main kitchen is now done.  This week I'm starting on the dresser.

My iPad also died, to be fair, it was the very first generation one, so did really really well. Especially as I would say I used to use it practically everyday for blog reading and such. So it was such a happy surprise when Simon came home with a new one for me.  Its taking a bit of getting used to, as its huge lol.

I also met up with my neighbour from across the road, and we had coffee and cake in a lovely little local garden centre.

The best part of the week was the lovely hot weather. We sat outside a lot and certainly made the most of it.

Sadly, this weeks wether isn't playing nice, and as I type this, although its still nice and warm, its raining, and I have two rather wet puppies, just back from our walk.

Wishing you all a lovely week.  I'll be back tomorrow with my monthly roundup. xx

Monday, 2 May 2016

Week 18 .... The Week that was


The good certainly outweighed the  bad this week.

On the downside, my sink tap suddenly burst and water went everywhere .... the plus side, was that Simon did some research and fixed it.

Bertie had an ear infection, so my poor boy spent a day at the vets, being sedated and having his ears plucked.  Little Molly really missed him, even more so as she had to go to the groomers without him.

Now the PLUS bit.  I've finally finally ordered my Aga.  Goodness what a hassle.  Now, if anyone does ever go down the route of ordering, don't for one minute, think the store that is only down the road to you, is your local one! ... Oh no, you have to travel over an hour a way to order.

Simon had a livery dinner in fishmongers hall.

Then on Saturday we spent a day in Brighton at the Terriers Walk.  It was AMAZING, even the weather was kind to us.  The bears had a great time, they even got to see their mum & dad again (they are the two Lakelands in the top right photo) and I got to meet up with a lovely Instagram friend, who had come from France, for the walk.  With over a 100 dogs in attendance, it was just such a fun day.

There you have it, I need to get on with more painting this week and try and finish the kitchen.  Sadly, we don't have any hot water at the moment, other than in the utility room, so just waiting for the boiler man to come tomorrow.

Wishing you a lovely day x